Artie’s Strong Arm Ale

EntitledArtie288Artie’s Strong Arm Ale. This Belgian-Style Tripel that has a personality that is strong, big, bold, warm & welcoming. Qualities you look for when choosing a beer…and a friend. Share & Enjoy. Be Entitled!

Name: ENTITLED Artie’s Strong Arm Ale
Stats: 10% ABV,
Availability:  Kegs (13.2 gal), Logs (5.16 gal) and
Bottles (12 oz)
Hops Bill:
Distribution: MA
Distributor: Baystate Wine & Spirits, 781-740-9463 |

Tasting Notes:
by Jim Hodgdon, ENTITLED Brewing Company

Appearance: Golden – Honey in color from Draft. A one finger white head that eventually falls off

Aroma: Mandarin, Peach, and Apricot. Bready with hints of the banana, clove, and white pepper.

Taste: This full bodied Belgian-Style Ale is delicious! With the 10% ABV being almost undetectable, this Strong Ale is warming without being boozy. Flavors of toasty biscuits and ripe banana, with a touch of citrus zest at the end hint all the right places.

Overall: Although this beer is about 10% ABV you would never know by the way it finishes. Clean on the finishing palate and does leave you with the ‘after film’ on your tongue. Flavors sweet biscuit, banana, and condensed orange juice linger on the palate nicely.



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