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Stats: 7.2% ABV, 70 IBUs
Availability:  Kegs (13.2 gal), Logs (5.16 gal) and
Bottles (12 oz)
Malts: 2 Row American, Wheat Malt, Honey Malt
Hops Bill: Cascade, Columbus, Centennial
Distribution: MA
Distributor: Baystate Wine & Spirits, 781-740-9463 | baystatewine.com

Tasting Notes:
by Jim Hodgdon, ENTITLED Brewing Company

Appearance: Burnt orange with a light khaki, fluffy head.

Aroma: A burst of tropical hop notes; Apricot, Mango & Papaya.

Taste: A pop of tropical hop flavors up front and carrying throughout the
palate with tangerine, apricot and stone fruit notes. A pleasant malt backbone is present. The malts are not prominent, just enough to counter the alcohol and bitterness of the hops in the mid-palate. This IPA finishes with a long lingering, but crisp and clean bitterness with a touch of citrus.

Palate: Full-bodied but dry, with a warming alcohol fullness, followed with a light coating and finishes with a pleasant bitterness on the tail.

Overall: This hoppy American East Coast IPA is a full bodied beer brewed with American 2 Row and Honey Malt and Valley Wheat Flakes, and heavily hopped with Cascade, Columbus and Centennial. At 7.2 ABV and 70 IBUs this well-balanced, well hopped IPA…is a perfect match for every IPA drinker!


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